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A provider of smart connected suitcases with embedded functions of GPS positioning, Bluetooth distance alert, auto-locking and weight sensor.

Founded in 2013 in New York, Bluesmart is a technology company that develops Internet-connected travel products. With proprietary technology and innovative designs, the company creates unique physical products combined with software applications that help people travel better and smarter. By combining technologies brought to market by smartphones, the Bluesmart Carry-on solved many of the problems of the frequent traveler: GPS to track lost bags globally; Bluetooth distance alerts and digital auto-locking to prevent theft; weight sensors to avoid bags being overweight, and a mobile app to monitor and organize trips. Tomi Pierucci, CEO of Bluesmart, is an entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience building companies that design, manufacture and sell innovative physical products to global markets. With his company Big Blue Ideas, he has worked with clients such as Disney, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Coca-Cola.


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