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We invest and partner with world-class entrepreneurs whose technologies help advance a sustainable future.

Founded in 2000 on the philosophy of “Doing Well by Doing Good©,” Tsing Capital is one of the world’s first fund management companies dedicated to multi-disciplinary sustainable technology investing in Asia and globally. Tsing Capital has deep domain expertise across environment, clean and efficient energy, new material and intelligent technologies across broad industries with emphasis on advanced manufacturing, sustainable mobility, sustainable agriculture, and future cities.

Tsing Capital was led by executives with extensive entrepreneurial, operational and cross-border expertise globally.

We believe in Doing Well by Doing Good©.

Tsing Capital is a leader in impact investment in Asia. Adhering to the philosophy of “Doing Well by Doing Good©,” Tsing Capital champions the “Triple Bottom Line” investment practice – measuring both financial return and impact, seeking superior returns for its investors financially, socially, and environmentally.

 Tsing Capital is one the first fund management companies in Asia that applies systematic ESG (environment, social and governance) reporting in early and growth stage equity investment.

• In 2010, Tsing Capital was praised as one of the 10 “Companies That Will Shape the World in 2020” in Aron Cramer’s book Sustainable Excellence, and was selected as a case study on sustainable investment by Harvard Business School. 

 In 2011, Tsing Capital was awarded the “Responsible Investor of the Year in Asia” by PE Asia. 

 In May 2012, World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick described Tsing Capital as a great success story that “shows how commercial concerns linked to environmental and social standards offer win-win opportunities,” in his keynote speech at IFC’s 14th Annual Global Private Equity Conference.

We follow the progression of sustainability industries.

At Tsing Capital, we continually refine our investment strategy to identify and foster the most promising technology and business model for a more sustainable future.

Tsing Capital discovers that the sustainability industry has evolved over the past 17 years from envirotech (waste management, water treatment, etc.) since 2000, to cleantech (power storage, LEDs, semiconductors etc.) since 2006, and now sustaintech (sustainable mobility, energy internet, smart homes, etc.) starting in 2012. 

China Environment Funds

Established by Tsing Capital in 2002, China Environment Funds (CEF) are a series of USD funds focusing on investing in growth stage sustainable technology companies globally.

The funds have established an extensive network of like-minded investors, from global leading Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Development Financial Institutions (DFIs), Regional pension and sovereign wealth funds to top-notch family offices.

• Stage: Growth

• Sector Focus: Energy & Resources, Environmental Protection, New Materials, and Intelligent Technologies

Smartech Innovation Fund

Established by Tsing Capital in 2016, Smartech Innovation Fund (STIF) focuses on investing in early stage smart technologies such as Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in North America, Asia and Israel. The fund brings and leverages strategic resources of founders and executives of leading listed companies in Asia in areas of IT, internet, intelligent hardware and advanced materials.

• Stage: Early

• Sector Focus: IoT, AI, New Materials and Other Intelligent Technologies

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