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A pioneering IoV brand in China dedicated to innovation of IoV technology and complete IoV solutions combining software, hardware and services.

Jidou was founded in October 2014, office located in Shanghai. Jidou is a pioneer in enabling connected mobility by developing advanced telematics systems with deeply customized Android systems specially designed to meet Automobile demands and well positioned to target the underserved aftermarkets. Their first product, the Jidou D1 telematics device, is a combination of outstanding user experience, wireless connection, strong system performance and competitive price, developed by a team of veterans in software development, vehicle hardware & services, and product management. Jidou's founder and CEO Wang Yifei was the General Manager of PPTV Multi-terminal Business Unit. Jidou's co-founder and CTO Wang Wenyu was the Chief Architect of PPTV. In 2016, Jidou started to cooperate with Amap and Baidu Carlife.


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