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Technology leader of Solid-State Ultraviolet (SSUV) LED solutions

RayVio's unique, power-dense UV LED technology and materials are compact, instantly available, robust, mercury-free, energy-efficient and long-lasting. Potential applications include improving the effectiveness and accessibility of disinfection techniques for water, food, air and surfaces. This includes industrial and consumer applications to extend food shelf life via enhanced refrigerator systems, and printing and coating applications to conserve energy by avoiding the need for always-on mercury lamps or heat curing. The differentiated solution is of particular relevance to developing countries where access to clean drinking water is scarce, as well as for medical practitioners using UV devices to treat health ailments ranging from vitamin D deficiency to Multiple Sclerosis. RayVio’s novel UV LED technology will make possible the highest performance, most cost-effective solutions for UV disinfection markets of both water and air, for UV medical treatment devices.


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