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Sustainable Excellence (2010)

“10 Companies to Shape the World in 2020”

Sustainalbe Excellence 

Aron Cramer, President and CEO of Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)

Sustainability, the crucial factor for a company's long-term development, is always regarded useless by many businessmen, and those who know its importance have no idea how to integrate it into a company's operation. This book is to help people with the concept and practice of sustainability in a fast-changing world. 

—— Aron Cramer

The Future of Business in a Fast-changing World" (Rodale Books, 2010), Tsing Capital was profiled as one of 'Ten Companies That Will Shape the World in 2020' along the likes of Walmart, Google, Schneider, Dupont, Better Place, Autodesk, Grupo ABC, Iberdola and ICICI.

Tsing Capital has “set a course for Chinese private investment that will be vital to the sustainability of prosperity and growth both for China and for the world as a whole.”

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