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Leading supplier of high-performance semiconductor materials for the electronics industry, which enables flexible displays and flexible electronics

Founded in 2005 with headquarter located in Illinois, Flexterra is a global technology company developing next generation technology platforms for consumer electronics, photovoltaics, and Internet of Things. Through a combination of unique hardware solutions based on truly flexible displays and software designed for micro-interactions, Flexterra is transforming the user experience of wearable devices and enabling a whole new ecosystem of wearable content. Flexterra's CEO Fabrizio Doni was once COO of SAES and inventor or co-investor of alloys and products for which multiple patens have been obtained. Flexterra's Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer Antonio Facchetti has published over 350 research articles, 12 books/book chapters, holds over 100 granted U.S. and foreign patents. He was selected as one of the top 100 materials scientists in the world by Thomson Reuters. Flexterra has demonstrated the first truly-rollable displays that can be mass-manufactured on traditional display fabs and is currently working with key partners to scale production.


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