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China's first provider of PV module-level power management system and intelligent power optimization and operation management solutions.

Founded in 2010 in Shanghai, Convertergy is the first company in China that provides module level power management solutions for PV power generation system, the company is also among the top three PV optimization solution providers in the world. Convertergy has a team of experienced power electronic engineers and telecommunication engineers, the company proudly filed more than 10 patents in related fields, and is also a member of the US-China Clean Energy Research Center. CEO of Convertergy, Robert Huang, has 20+ years of experience in operations, P&L oversight, and marketing in both start-up and growth organizations, state-owned enterprises and multinational companies. George Shen, CTO of Convertergy, has rich experience in software industry and previously worked for Tsinghua Software Technology Center in Beijing China, MicroStrategy Inc. and AT&T Labs in the United States. 


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