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Tsing Capital-Bekaert Circular Econmy Seminar

08-26-2015, Tsing Capital Beijing Office

Zhao Kai: Vice President of China Association of Circular Economy

Michael Li: Managing Partner of Tsing Capital

Liao Jun: Senior Vice President, Rubber Reinforcement, North Asia at Bekaert

Xu Haiyun: Secreatry General of Municipal Solid Waste Management Commission, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry

Ge Wenyue: Chairman of Keysino, an industrial water treatment company

Chang Tao: CEO of Incom Recycle, the only enterprise to produce food-grade regenerated PET chips in China, and the first in China to integrate the Internet of Things with the renewable reources recycling system

Liu Shutong: CEO of Motion ECO, a biofuel and alternative fuel supplier

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